Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Way to Go Sis!!

My sis is a college grad once again! This time she graduated as a medical sonographer! So proud of her, she worked so hard for the past 2 years and made sacrifices to make her dream a reality.

I was able to attend her pinning ceremony and her graduation and I am so proud to have gotten to go and support her!

 Way to go!! Love you!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

May Already??

Yeah, I know its May, but come on, I blink my eyes and another month has gone by. Well, alot is going on this month, busy month.

Custer had eye surgery this past Wednesday and all went well, went today for a follow up visit and the vet said it looks good. So glad!! Hopefully this surgery will put a stop to this.

Well gotta run, laundry is calling my name!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This past weekend was good, gardening and we took the boys fishing. They got fishing poles for Easter from my parents to they have been itching to test them out. They did so good, after we threw the line out into the water they would wait for a bite, and if no bite after a while they would bring it in and we would throw it back out for them but it was not too long before Ross figured out how to throw the line out himself. That was cool, seeing him learn to do things that he will continue to do and hope he will do for the rest of his life. It is small, but he is like a little adult, its just so darn cute!!

Today, busy with just "stuff" but mostly busy in my head.... to many thougths going on in my head, mainly about our dog, Custer. Took him to vet again for an indolent ulcer. I just want this taken care of, so tired of thinking and being in a constant state of worry about this. I am off to do some internet research on this subject.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

8 Years Today

Today we have been married for 8 years. It does not seem like it has been that long. We have done alot in this amount of time. I could go on forever just talking about it. But, I do know that I would not change a thing. Jim is an amazing man and father. I love him more and more all the time.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our Night Out

Friday night Jim and I went out ALONE! Wow, it has been a while since we were able have a mini gettaway from our everyday lives. We had so much fun!! I dropped the kids off with the grandparents, each set of grandparents had one child, and borrowed shoes and a couple sweaters from my sis. Drove back home, changed into my outfit, put some items together in a bag for overnight and off we went to Charlotte. We checked into the Hilton and went to our room on the 19th floor. Looking out the window was the Nascar Museum..cool. Then off to make our dinner reservation. We walked about a block to the resturant Jim chose for us...Chima. It is Brazilian and it is so cool!!  The atmosphere was great and with a comfortable setting it made it easy for conversation. They have an amazing drink called the Caipheraina (sp?) oh yeah it was really good!!! They have a great salad bar with great variety and any meat you want. On the table is a coin like piece that is black on one side and red on the other. If you want meat, turn to the red side. If you don't want any meat, turn to the black side. Lets say if you want salmon and the guy with the lamb comes to your table and you tell him you want salmon, they tell the guy with the salmon and he comes right over. Those employees have their acts together!! Oh and if you want something specific they cook it for you and bring it out to you. This place is soooo awesome.
After a wonderful dinning experience we went around the block to Howl At The Moon. Customers request the songs and they are played by the "band". Two people on the piano and three more that each play guitar, drums, and keyboard. Let me tell you...they are amazing, they can play and sing anything!!!We thought that we may be one of the "old couples" in the room but ya know we weren't. All ages were there, well anyone over 21 that is. After being there for a while, listening to great music and many drinks later we headed back to the hotel. Oh yeah we got back to the hotel around 2 am.  NICE!!
We had a great time and I have the best husband in the world for arranging this for our anniversary. It is so hard to find time to get away and just have fun together but I honestly believe that it is essential for our sanity and our marriage. Every couple needs to spend time away from their everyday lives just to reconnect and remember what it is like to be with each other and to have a conversation without being interrupted. I have found out that I learn more about Jim, in conversation and actions, each time we get away.  That is another reason to get away every now and then, even if it is only for one night.
Thanks babe!! Love you!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm Me

 An adorable and precious moment to me each day is after the kids get out of the bath tub. So clean and sweet, love it! Well, here lately for about a month now, after Jax is out of the bath I wrap him in a towel and hold him like a baby and sing to him...Rock A Bye Baby. He loves it and he will ask me to sing to him and of course I do. Well after about 3 or so times singing I plop him on the changing table to dry him off and dress him.
While dressing him the other night I kept asking him if he was a baby?
Jax: "No, I not"
Mommy: "Why?"
Jax: "Because I Me, Jax!"

Well that really put me in my place...Even though I really want him to be sweet baby Jax and cuddle and let me hold him to my hearts' desire, I realized that he is growing up and becoming himself. I can't keep the "baby" because he is growing up so fast. I know this looking at Ross everyday because he is also becoming who he is as well.

I need to remember to value and nurture who they are becoming and let them become who they are meant to be, not what or who I want them to be. They are blossoming before our eyes!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Today was an cool day for the boys. The Easter Bunny came last night, filled baskets with candy and goodies and he even decided to hide eggs in our back yard for the boys to find on Easter morning.

A day with candy, excitement, family and goodies. What more could you ask for?

Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

He Did It...again!

April Fools Day today of course, got up this morning and thought to myself.. "I am going to be ready for Jim when he tries to trick me today!"
Well, I went about my day doing my normal routine and he got me!
Why to I always fall into the trap?
Why am I so gullable?
I guess that is just me.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Today I had the realization that my little boys are growing like weeds before my eyes. Ross had his preschool graduation pictures today. WOW! Time is flying!!

This weekend we did work in the yard, Saturday I did some by myself......ok, I realized that I really NEED to work out. It kicked my butt!! Add to that splinters in my hand and all my nails look terrible, all because I chose not to use my gloves. But I did really enjoy every minute of it. I love being outside plus Jax was a real champ for hanging out with me during that time.

I realized today that their are many things on my TO DO List and not sure how they are going to get done, some of which not sure where to begin. But I also know that I need to make the first move to get them done.
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Cute Boys

The other day Jax received a "music box" from Daddy. As you can see they are just alike except for a small color difference. Jax' has an orange volume control & speakers and Ross' has a purple volume control and black speakers. Anyway, the music has followed us everywhere, even in the car. And to make things even more exciting, they both have the same songs on them (of course). Jim uploaded everything from children's songs to Kenny Chesney. Ross has had his a while so for Jax to get one like big brother really made his day.

One thing I have to share.
This morning when Jax woke up his words were:
"Mommy, I'm in here"
"Come get me out" (he is still in his crib)
"Take sleep sack off"

This went on for a few minutes while I finished up what I was doing and getting Ross ready for preschool & breakfast. It was so cute and funny, it made me smile.

Boys are cute & funny! Love them tons!!
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Friday, March 12, 2010

What's Going On

Busy, Busy.
Trying to clean house, doing MOPS stuff and getting ready for the GREAT MOM WALK at the end of the month. Getting ready for the weekend too.

Well ,I have a new picture to post but my camera is on the other side of the house right now and I am kind of in a hurry so I will post it later.

Be back soon!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Love the Warm Weather!!

Comfortable weather
Boys playing ball
Trying to participate in everything Daddy is doing
Open windows to let the fresh air in
Boys asking to go to the beach
Spring fever soooo bad!!!

Well I have cleaned out my side of the closet and even donated some of it (not sure what I am going to do with the few things I kept) and the rest I may do the consigment shop thing or ebay. Never sold anything on ebay, that is still up in the air. Now for the rest of the closets in the house. I am so ready to do so much around here but all in good time I guess.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Big Snow Falling Right Now

I look out my office (scrapbook room) window and see big snowflakes coming down in every direction very fast. It is so beautiful. I love watching it snow. I could just stand in front of the window all day long. Give me a book and a blanket and I am good. The best part of winter to me is when it snows. Ross & Jax love it too they are already asking me to go out and play. Hopefully it will stick and they can go out in it a little bit. They are already talking about the snowman they are going to build.
I wonder how much snow we will get today??

Monday, March 1, 2010


Can we get some spring soon, PLEASE!! I would love to take the kids outside and play or work on a project outside in some fresh air and warm sunshine.....

Oh well, right now I think I will have to deal with the cold temps and staying inside for a little while longer. But I am beginning to get the spring cleaning fever. I have been thinking about cleaning out closets since last week. Getting rid of baby clothes and passing them on to a friend that may like to have them, cleaning out my own clothing that I no longer wear or have worn in a while. I am good at getting rid of the kids clothes, but my own, I tend to hang on to a while. I don't wear them so I am donating them this year!! Tired of hanging on to them because of a "reason" or because "of who gave it to me". That is no longer a valid reason to hang on to clothing.
I am also getting more into the creative mood again, so hopefully I can get started back scrapbooking and get caught up soon. I also want to start making cards too. I would like to do some other stuff too, but until it happens I don't want to mention it, mainly because I am not sure what it will be yet.

Well better run, I need to get a few things done before the boys wake up from their nap.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Love It!!

I used my food processor that my parents gave us for Christmas last night for the first time. I have to tell you that I LOVE IT!! Wow!! I have been missing out! This equipment is wonderful, easy and makes yummy chicken salad! I cannot wait to try other recipes. I am hoping to make almond pancakes soon it my new processor. Anyway I use alot of appliances in my kitchen and more here lately than ever before. I love my blender as well, every day (or sometime during the day) I make a fruit smoothie and add some "Green Powder" to it. (The green powder is full of minerals, greens, vitamins, good stuff you need) and boy I can tell a difference when I miss my daily smoothie. After all, I need all the energy I need to keep up with 2 little boys!

Since we are talking about kitchen items, this weekend, I tried two new recipes and LOVE them!! Once is a salad and the other is a soup. The salad is full of fruit and I am not one to mix fruit with veggies but I gotta tell ya, it is my new favorite salad. It would be tough to go back to the old plain salad. And the soup is great, lots of veggies and yummy!!

Oh, today is National Pancake Day, I think we will be having pancakes tonight to celebrate this occasion. The boys will love it!!
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

This morning I woke to Jax kissing me, it was so sweet! And then kisses and a big hug from Ross & Jim. We exchanged valentine's gifts and ate breakfast of heart shaped pancakes, hard boiled eggs, bacon and grapefruit and a few chocolates. Gotta have chocolate today!!

Jim got me beautiful flowers, I got Jim a book called "The Love Dare", Ross got a Bingo Game that involves letters and sounds of the letters & candy, Jax got a book about shapes & candy.  The boys gave Jim a card that recorded their voices saying "I love you & Happy Valentine's Day" needless to say he loved it!!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

49 of 50 States Has Snow

All the talk in the news is about how this is the first time in history that 49 of the 50 United States has snow. (Hawaii is the one without snow). This was what it looked like outside our front door yesterday. We are loving all this snow! It really seems like winter when snow comes so often. I think we had around 3 inches on the ground.
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Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Again?

The weather people say it is going to snow again, really??? I am loving all this snow talk and I hope to see some of the beautiful white flakes fall. I have not said anything about snow to the boys because until it happens, they will ask constantly about it, so I am holding off.

Right now it is quiet.....boys are napping and what am I to do? Surf the internet, fold laundry, bring in the trash can from the curb, scrapbook?? Well, I am not sure what to do...I get the chance to do something I want to do or need to do and I don't know what the heck to do, stuck.

The house is clean (did that Wed & Thurs). Which I love!!!! Love the clean smell and the way the carpet looks after a good vaccuum session. No dust & shinny floors, LOVE IT!!

Oh and speaking of loving it...Valentines Day is coming up. Today for lunch I made the boys pb & jelly and cut them into heart shapes!! So cute, Ross liked it. Jax didn't notice afterall he is only 2 and really is more interested in the food itself instead of what shape it is cut into.

I think I will clear off my desk and see what ideas come my way.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just Had to Share

Ok, so this is something that would probably only happen to me, so I thought I would share it with you. I was bitten by a yellow male cat at the Humane Society on Saturday. Yep, this is one of the two puncture wounds. We went to pick out a cat to add to our family b/c the one cat that Jim and Ross decided on was not declawed and that was a must for us. So we went back this past weekend and were wondering about one cat, she had major attitude and the "cat lady" (that is what Ross called her!!! Hilarious!!) suggested this other male, yellow cat. He was big and the cat lady said that he was your "lap cat".

Well ok. Think a minute, if you were told this cat was a lap cat you are thinking loving, sweet. Well he seemed sweet, each time he came out to greet me and pushing his head forward for me to touch him. Well I did, only this time there was another male cat standing near by who he had just hissed/slapped at. Well I put my had out and waited for him to put his head toward me and he did then all of a sudden, he bit me! Oh yeah, he latched on for a while, I thought for a split second, how am I going to get my hand out of his mouth? Then he let go, I was left with the wound you see above and another one on the back of my hand. The one you see is worse. Immediately afterward I looked at my hand, I could see deep into my hand, I began to get light headed.....
" Oh my god!!" I said
"I am going to pass out" I said
"Look!" I said showing my hand to Jim
"Calm down " said Jim
Yeah, Yeah, easy for you to say, you were not just bitten by a cat!!
I went to wash my hand it finally began to bleed alot! and my hand began to shake, I was a nervous mess!
Anyway, we left w/o a cat. The boys were not listening to us and me being bitten, just not a fun time, nor the right time for us to add to our family. Just glad that the cat bit me and not one of the boys.

My lesson learned: you never know what is going through a cat's mind, keep your hands away from a cat you don't know PERIOD!! I have told the boys never touch a strange animal and what did I do??? I need to follow my own rules!!
Oh and so our best bet is to start with a kitten, one we can train and one that will be familiar with us early on, you never know what other cats have been through before you.
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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Still Not Satisfied

Man, I am the most undecided person I know...I am still not happy with the way the blog looks. So I am back to plain white, for now. Will continue to see what else I come up with but for now it will do. The more I looked at the other, it was just too much, to busy, I am well simple and that is what I want my blog to be.
Happy Rainy Day!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Busy & Good Day

Today was a busy day, first it started of with the boys and I taking Custer to the vet for them to check his eye (he has an ulcer), thank goodness it is better and I pray it will continue to do so. Then we took Custer back to Matt & Jill's to stay till we get the fence built in the back yard. Then home for lunch, tried to get the boys to nap (which did not work) then off to Harris Teeter for grocery shopping. Home to put the groceries away then off to take Ross to swimming lessons and basketball practice, then home for dinner, bath time and then bedtime. 
What a day I tell ya, but the boys were so good, they did good at the vet and the grocery store, Ross was my helper at the store and Jax helped too. I was worried that I may not be able to do my complete shopping with both of them but it turned out well. That makes me happy.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Look

I wanted to get a new look for the new year but just did not find what I liked. Well, after seeing this I thougtht to myself, this looks like paper and me loving scrapbooking I thought that it was a good fit for our page (since I do the blogging). What ya think??

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Friday afternoon at around 5pm it began to snow!! I was so excited and so was the kids! So Saturday the boys were up and ready to see if the snow was still there....it was and more of it had fallen. They were so excited to get out there in it, so after breakfast we ventured out in the cold to find some hills to sled down. We spent a few hours sledding down hills and loving every minute of it, Custer had to follow us down the hills too. Then in for lunch and the boys took a nap, then out again. This time we had neighbors that joined in. More sledding and one neighbor had a 4-wheeler who pulled our tube behind it (safely). It was enjoyed by all!! It was so much fun!! Jim pulled the boys & I in the tube and it was fun!! It brought me back to my "child" days of having fun only this time I have kids of my own.

Jim, I & the boys are still talking about how much it was yesterday. Jim now has the fever for a 4-wheeler...
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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Now I am.....
Listening to Jax scream/cry wanting out of his crib and protesting a much needed nap.
Wondering if it is going to snow?!
Waiting for the doctors office to call me about my sore throat & if they will call me something in.
Aggrevated that Custer did not pee when I took him out a little while ago & I will have to take him out a second time before I leave.
Making a list of what we need today/tomorrow from the grocery store in case it does snow.
Wondering if it will really snow 2-6 inches like they said on the radio on the way home.
Wondering why I did not hear that forecast while I was in Locust so I could have stopped at the store there instead of making a trip when I go out to take Ross to swimming lessons. (Grocery store + 2 kids = trouble ....At least sometimes it does, ok it is just easier with one child).
Excited Jax might get to experience snow for the first time.
Wanting to get caught up on my house cleaning tomorrow.
Thinking about putting homemade veg. soup in the crock pot tomorrow for dinner, yum!!
Getting ready to take our recycling to the recycling trash dump.
Listening to the quiet of the house, Jax asleep and now I will take Custer out again and hope he will go instead of giving me his famous "look".

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rainy Day

When it rains I just feel like laying around in comfy clothes and doing lots of scrapbooking and having "me" time. I guess its knowing that there is nothing much to do outside while rain is coming down so why not spend time inside just doing whatever you want.?
But since I am not able to have a  "me" day today, while the kids played I went through some clothing they have outgrown and organized for Jax to wear in the future and the other to be donated or sold.  The kids wanted to watch cartoons so we watched one show, Dragon Tales on PBS. Ross watches tv well but Jax says he wants to watch cartoons but only sits for a short period of time before he is moving around. He keeps telling me he wants to potty but when I take him nothing happens. Oh well, maybe sooner or later he will get the hang of it.
Well, I have a few minutes (I think) before the kids wake up from their nap so I am going to scrapbook a little or at least get my next page started!
Happy Rainy Day! Oh! rainy days are good crock pot days-I have a roast in it right now, smells sooo good!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Little Man

Our little boy now looks like a little man. Jax had his first haircut today. Jim did the honors. Jax instantly went from toddler to little boy, I cannot believe it!! He sat on the stool with me holding him still, or trying to while Jim cut his hair. To keep Jax from wiggling too much we gave him a phone that we thought did not work but instead we later relized that it does work so we may see some strange numbers on our phone bill next month. We had tears in our eyes when we looked at him after his cut. He is growing up so fast. I miss the baby stage, holding and looking at him for long periods of time without him twisting and moving to get out of my arms. But those days have been replaced with him coming to me to give me hugs and kisses, one kiss and then one on the "other side".  I love his kisses, so sweet, some slow and others fast but always so soft.
His personality is showing more and more everyday and he has such sweet and funny looks. Today he even said he had to go to the bathroom! So we did, nothing happened but hey, at least he wants to go and try!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another Day

Today was just another day around here, preschool, errands, lunch, naptime, playtime, just a another day....

However, I did get a chance to read about the earthquake in Haiti, my heart goes out to all those people, I cannot imagine what it must be like there.

Starting to try to get into an exercise routine. I really need to get in shape.  Today I did yoga and walked 30 minutes on the treadmill. It is a start but at least I have started. Now to just keep it up day after day or at least 4 times a week (my goal).

Getting sleepy so I better head to bed.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Getting Back Into Our Routine

As the week is ending, I think we are easing into our routine once again. Preschool started back on Monday and Ross was so excited to go back, on Wednesday he was chosen to be Line Leader. Tomorrow is all about the topic Hot Chocolate, so he is excited about tomorrow. Ross started back swimming lessons today, he is in a new class (he was able to move up to the next level) and when I asked if he had a good time he instantly said "Yes!" "They threw me in the water"  I said "Really?" and Ross said "Yeah, we swim the whole time!" This class is 15 minutes longer than his previous class so I was impressed they were in the water the entire time. It is so good to see him so excited about something new and so ready to jump in and enjoy it. 
Jax hangs out with me while Ross is at all his classes and we do things around the house, play or run errands. It is "our time".
I am trying to get into my routine of cleaning and chores around here. I took a cleaning vacation during Christmas holidays and did only what was necessary to maintain the area. So now I am needing to do some catching up. I started to do that today, thinking in my mind that I could knock about half of the cleaning out today.....well it took me an hour and a half to dust the boys rooms, living room, my office and the dining room, yep it took me that long. The boys were not cooperating with me and they won. So that is all I got done today oh I did get a few loads of laundry done. Yay!!
Well back to routine.......

Monday, January 4, 2010

Queen's Soup

This is the last jar of Queen's (Jim's grandmother) soup, Jim made homemade soup last week with it and it was sooooo goooood!!! I felt like we had to savor every last drop knowing it would be our last taste of her soup. The boys enjoyed it too! I hope that this summer I can make this same mixture (or close too it) and can it for us to have in the winter months. I know that it will not come out tasting like hers but I hope to at least use all the same vegetables. So I guess in 2010 I hope to learn to can vegetables.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy 2010!!
That sounds a little strange to me... Well it is here. Hope everyone had a safe New Year! We just hung around the house and painted a little bit last night and stopped just in time to see the ball drop at Time Square in NY, watched a little tv and headed to bed. This morning I made waffles and the boys and I hung out while Jim enjoyed his last evening hunting. This evening I am going to try to get some scrapbooking started, I am going to catch up this year!!