Monday, March 22, 2010


Today I had the realization that my little boys are growing like weeds before my eyes. Ross had his preschool graduation pictures today. WOW! Time is flying!!

This weekend we did work in the yard, Saturday I did some by myself......ok, I realized that I really NEED to work out. It kicked my butt!! Add to that splinters in my hand and all my nails look terrible, all because I chose not to use my gloves. But I did really enjoy every minute of it. I love being outside plus Jax was a real champ for hanging out with me during that time.

I realized today that their are many things on my TO DO List and not sure how they are going to get done, some of which not sure where to begin. But I also know that I need to make the first move to get them done.
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Cute Boys

The other day Jax received a "music box" from Daddy. As you can see they are just alike except for a small color difference. Jax' has an orange volume control & speakers and Ross' has a purple volume control and black speakers. Anyway, the music has followed us everywhere, even in the car. And to make things even more exciting, they both have the same songs on them (of course). Jim uploaded everything from children's songs to Kenny Chesney. Ross has had his a while so for Jax to get one like big brother really made his day.

One thing I have to share.
This morning when Jax woke up his words were:
"Mommy, I'm in here"
"Come get me out" (he is still in his crib)
"Take sleep sack off"

This went on for a few minutes while I finished up what I was doing and getting Ross ready for preschool & breakfast. It was so cute and funny, it made me smile.

Boys are cute & funny! Love them tons!!
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Friday, March 12, 2010

What's Going On

Busy, Busy.
Trying to clean house, doing MOPS stuff and getting ready for the GREAT MOM WALK at the end of the month. Getting ready for the weekend too.

Well ,I have a new picture to post but my camera is on the other side of the house right now and I am kind of in a hurry so I will post it later.

Be back soon!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Love the Warm Weather!!

Comfortable weather
Boys playing ball
Trying to participate in everything Daddy is doing
Open windows to let the fresh air in
Boys asking to go to the beach
Spring fever soooo bad!!!

Well I have cleaned out my side of the closet and even donated some of it (not sure what I am going to do with the few things I kept) and the rest I may do the consigment shop thing or ebay. Never sold anything on ebay, that is still up in the air. Now for the rest of the closets in the house. I am so ready to do so much around here but all in good time I guess.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Big Snow Falling Right Now

I look out my office (scrapbook room) window and see big snowflakes coming down in every direction very fast. It is so beautiful. I love watching it snow. I could just stand in front of the window all day long. Give me a book and a blanket and I am good. The best part of winter to me is when it snows. Ross & Jax love it too they are already asking me to go out and play. Hopefully it will stick and they can go out in it a little bit. They are already talking about the snowman they are going to build.
I wonder how much snow we will get today??

Monday, March 1, 2010


Can we get some spring soon, PLEASE!! I would love to take the kids outside and play or work on a project outside in some fresh air and warm sunshine.....

Oh well, right now I think I will have to deal with the cold temps and staying inside for a little while longer. But I am beginning to get the spring cleaning fever. I have been thinking about cleaning out closets since last week. Getting rid of baby clothes and passing them on to a friend that may like to have them, cleaning out my own clothing that I no longer wear or have worn in a while. I am good at getting rid of the kids clothes, but my own, I tend to hang on to a while. I don't wear them so I am donating them this year!! Tired of hanging on to them because of a "reason" or because "of who gave it to me". That is no longer a valid reason to hang on to clothing.
I am also getting more into the creative mood again, so hopefully I can get started back scrapbooking and get caught up soon. I also want to start making cards too. I would like to do some other stuff too, but until it happens I don't want to mention it, mainly because I am not sure what it will be yet.

Well better run, I need to get a few things done before the boys wake up from their nap.