Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stain Removal Chart

Recently there was a stain on a shirt that I just could not get out. So I decided to check out this stain removal chart that I found online a while back to see if it had any helpful information. I figured if I could not get this stain out that Martha Stewart would know how! I printed the sheet off the Martha Stewart Website and thought that it had so many stain solutions and this should be hung in my laundry area. 

So I had a frame that I was not using, it was a brown frame originally, so I primed it with Kilz then painted the color with turquoise paint that I had left over from a few months ago. I love the color and thought it would look great and match the chart perfectly!

Then, I hung it in my laundry area.

So glad that I now have this chart in the laundry area, maybe next time I have a stained item, I can get the stain out the first time instead of washing multiple times with my Shout stain remover product!

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