Monday, September 21, 2009

Recent Happenings

Chocolate Pie it was soooo goood! This was a recipe from Queen, Jim's grandmother. I was surprised how well it came out . Also, things have been crazy here. Ross started back to preschool for the fall and he loves it just as he always has. He is learning to write his name and 2 letters each month. In September they are learning to write the letters F and A. I love watching him practice here at home and learning new things! Jax is growing like a weed and wanting to like big brother! He does everything just like Ross, some which drive me crazy and other I think are just adorable. Jax loves cars, tractors and trains. His vocabulary amazes me, he is saying so many words and sentences it blows my mind he knows all this at 21 months.

I am trying to get organized, printing out weekly cleaning lists, working on scrapbooks to get them caught up, finding time to organize my kitchen cabinets, my to do lists get longer everyday and somehow I will get caught up....lets just hope. I need a way to remember things so I need to figure out what works for me, I just can't keep it all straight anymore. Too much happening but I am working on it and will figure it out!