About Amy

Welcome to Statements by Amy!

I am a wife and mother to 2 handsome little boys. I am currently a stay-at-home mom and loves food, chocolate and running.

I started this blog in 2009 as a way to document our life, my thoughts, ideas and of course my opinions. You will find that I use way too many commas and that I write just like I talk ( so I have been told...). Every so often I try to change the look of the blog, I just like to change things up and I am always learning as I go.  It is a place where I can share a little bit of me with all of you. 

I love....
(an awesome way to tell the story of our lives)
Home Improvement Projects
The Color Black
Traveling with my husband
Reading blogs
Reality TV
The Beach
Date Nights
Girls Night Out
Wine and Coconut Rum
(not together)