Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DIY Memo Board


My Sister had a birthday a few months ago and I decided to make her a little something, a memo board.

I had this really great fabric that I had been wanting to use but just did not know exactly where to use it, well this project was perfect for this fabric!

For the board, I used the cut off section from the top of this desk.  
Then I cut the burlap to fit the board with enough to wrap around and be stapled on the back.
Then I measured and cut my favorite fabric to make pockets that fit the entire length plus some to wrap around the back of the board. You could use any size pockets you wish, for this project I used enough fabric to make 2 pockets but you can make just one if you like. That is what is so great about a project like this, you can make it however you wish!

Before I cut the fabric, I folded the fabric over onto itself, so the printed side would be on the outside and inside of the pocket. For the edge of the fabric that I trimmed I began by folding over 1/2"  and pinned into place, then ironed into place.
Like I mentioned earlier, I made 2 pockets so I just repeated the step above. After both were cut and ironed,  I sewed a 1/4inch hem to the top (folded end) of the fabric, just to hold everything in place and to give it a finished look. Then, I pinned the layers of fabric, one slightly overlapping the other and pinned into place onto the burlap.  I pinned along the sides and bottom of both fabric pieces, to hold them into place so I could sew them to the burlap.

Then I sewed the fabric into place, the bottom of both pieces and the sides, Remember not to sew the tops of either pocket to the burlap, you want to be able to put items into your pockets.:)

Still sewing the pockets into place, the bottom of each pocket and then up the sides of both pockets.
Once your fabric pockets have been sewn to the burlap, lay the burlap top side down and put your board on top. Make sure everything is correct,(even, no ripples in the burlap, etc. then gently pick up your board and spray it with spray glue, I used Elmer's spray glue. Then lay it on the burlap, flip it over and make any adjustments you may need to, to get the material even or flat. Then flip it over again and wrap the material over the edges and staple into place. Start in the middle then do the corners last. Do this like you would wrap a present. 

Once it has been stapled you are finished!! Yes, I had to use a small hammer to hammer in some of the staples.
Any then you have a cute custom Memo Board!!


This being my first time trying this without any instructions to go by, I thought turned out pretty good. A project like this has many options and you can customize it to your individual taste. My intentions were for the material to line up but it didn't and I still think it looks good. I thought the fabric was perfect for this since it had the mail stamps on it!

What have you been crafting?


  1. This looks great and I love the Parisian inspired fabric.

  2. This is a great gift. I love the fabric you used. The pockets are perfect for storage!!!