Monday, June 25, 2012

Office Chair Redo

This chair was just waiting for someone to give it a little love. So I did! I wanted a pretty chair for my craft area but I did not want to spend alot of money for one, so I decided that I could just recover the chair in any fabric I wanted.

I took off to my local Hobby Lobby and found a fabric that I LOVED! It had colors in it that would coordinate with my craft space.

I brought the fabric home and got busy. I gathered a few items that I knew I was going to need.
Staple Gun
Staple Remover Tool
Fabric Glue
Small brush (for the glue)

I took the chair apart. That was easy but the whole time I am thinking that I hoped I could remember how to put the chair back together once I finished. (I did, kinda).

I had to remove the fabric on both cushions and on the back panel that goes on the back of the chair. That is where the staple remover helped out alot. The cushions and panel were still in good shape so I just put my fabric right on top.

I cut each section and then began to staple the fabric to the cushions. I started with the sides and then stapled the corners last, making sure to get the corners just right and where they would all look the same. (I just gathered the fabric, creased it and pulled tight and stapled it to the under part of the cushion.) I had a tough time at first getting my staples to go completely flush into the wood backing that the cushions were attached to but this is where my hammer came into play. Just hammer those staples in and move on.

 The backrest cushion is where I had to add a little fabric glue because the cushion was not exactly flat so I brushed the glue onto the cushion (a thin layer) then pressed the fabric on and let it sit overnight to dry completely.  (I only used glue on the backrest cushion). After each cushion was completed I did the same on the armrests.

It helps if you have a handsome handy husband who is willing to help you out a little. It made a huge difference when one person was helping stretch the fabric and hold it in place while the other person staples it. After all the fabric was done it was time to put the chair back together, I got it put back together almost completely when I realized I had a screw leftover and thank goodness my handsome husband came to check on me and helped me put the chair back together the right way.  I was so happy to see it come together and I must say that I LOVE IT!

It looks so good in my space and I cannot believe that it looks so good, it was my first time trying this so I will be doing this again! And it cost me just under $14.00!

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  1. Your office chair redo was great and you made a good fabric choice. Your step-by-step instruction was helpful too. Thanks a lot.

    1. Thank you Daniel!! So glad to hear! I love the fabric, all those pretty colors make me so happy!

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