Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Again?

The weather people say it is going to snow again, really??? I am loving all this snow talk and I hope to see some of the beautiful white flakes fall. I have not said anything about snow to the boys because until it happens, they will ask constantly about it, so I am holding off.

Right now it is quiet.....boys are napping and what am I to do? Surf the internet, fold laundry, bring in the trash can from the curb, scrapbook?? Well, I am not sure what to do...I get the chance to do something I want to do or need to do and I don't know what the heck to do, stuck.

The house is clean (did that Wed & Thurs). Which I love!!!! Love the clean smell and the way the carpet looks after a good vaccuum session. No dust & shinny floors, LOVE IT!!

Oh and speaking of loving it...Valentines Day is coming up. Today for lunch I made the boys pb & jelly and cut them into heart shapes!! So cute, Ross liked it. Jax didn't notice afterall he is only 2 and really is more interested in the food itself instead of what shape it is cut into.

I think I will clear off my desk and see what ideas come my way.

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