Sunday, January 31, 2010


Friday afternoon at around 5pm it began to snow!! I was so excited and so was the kids! So Saturday the boys were up and ready to see if the snow was still was and more of it had fallen. They were so excited to get out there in it, so after breakfast we ventured out in the cold to find some hills to sled down. We spent a few hours sledding down hills and loving every minute of it, Custer had to follow us down the hills too. Then in for lunch and the boys took a nap, then out again. This time we had neighbors that joined in. More sledding and one neighbor had a 4-wheeler who pulled our tube behind it (safely). It was enjoyed by all!! It was so much fun!! Jim pulled the boys & I in the tube and it was fun!! It brought me back to my "child" days of having fun only this time I have kids of my own.

Jim, I & the boys are still talking about how much it was yesterday. Jim now has the fever for a 4-wheeler...
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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Now I am.....
Listening to Jax scream/cry wanting out of his crib and protesting a much needed nap.
Wondering if it is going to snow?!
Waiting for the doctors office to call me about my sore throat & if they will call me something in.
Aggrevated that Custer did not pee when I took him out a little while ago & I will have to take him out a second time before I leave.
Making a list of what we need today/tomorrow from the grocery store in case it does snow.
Wondering if it will really snow 2-6 inches like they said on the radio on the way home.
Wondering why I did not hear that forecast while I was in Locust so I could have stopped at the store there instead of making a trip when I go out to take Ross to swimming lessons. (Grocery store + 2 kids = trouble ....At least sometimes it does, ok it is just easier with one child).
Excited Jax might get to experience snow for the first time.
Wanting to get caught up on my house cleaning tomorrow.
Thinking about putting homemade veg. soup in the crock pot tomorrow for dinner, yum!!
Getting ready to take our recycling to the recycling trash dump.
Listening to the quiet of the house, Jax asleep and now I will take Custer out again and hope he will go instead of giving me his famous "look".

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rainy Day

When it rains I just feel like laying around in comfy clothes and doing lots of scrapbooking and having "me" time. I guess its knowing that there is nothing much to do outside while rain is coming down so why not spend time inside just doing whatever you want.?
But since I am not able to have a  "me" day today, while the kids played I went through some clothing they have outgrown and organized for Jax to wear in the future and the other to be donated or sold.  The kids wanted to watch cartoons so we watched one show, Dragon Tales on PBS. Ross watches tv well but Jax says he wants to watch cartoons but only sits for a short period of time before he is moving around. He keeps telling me he wants to potty but when I take him nothing happens. Oh well, maybe sooner or later he will get the hang of it.
Well, I have a few minutes (I think) before the kids wake up from their nap so I am going to scrapbook a little or at least get my next page started!
Happy Rainy Day! Oh! rainy days are good crock pot days-I have a roast in it right now, smells sooo good!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Little Man

Our little boy now looks like a little man. Jax had his first haircut today. Jim did the honors. Jax instantly went from toddler to little boy, I cannot believe it!! He sat on the stool with me holding him still, or trying to while Jim cut his hair. To keep Jax from wiggling too much we gave him a phone that we thought did not work but instead we later relized that it does work so we may see some strange numbers on our phone bill next month. We had tears in our eyes when we looked at him after his cut. He is growing up so fast. I miss the baby stage, holding and looking at him for long periods of time without him twisting and moving to get out of my arms. But those days have been replaced with him coming to me to give me hugs and kisses, one kiss and then one on the "other side".  I love his kisses, so sweet, some slow and others fast but always so soft.
His personality is showing more and more everyday and he has such sweet and funny looks. Today he even said he had to go to the bathroom! So we did, nothing happened but hey, at least he wants to go and try!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Another Day

Today was just another day around here, preschool, errands, lunch, naptime, playtime, just a another day....

However, I did get a chance to read about the earthquake in Haiti, my heart goes out to all those people, I cannot imagine what it must be like there.

Starting to try to get into an exercise routine. I really need to get in shape.  Today I did yoga and walked 30 minutes on the treadmill. It is a start but at least I have started. Now to just keep it up day after day or at least 4 times a week (my goal).

Getting sleepy so I better head to bed.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Getting Back Into Our Routine

As the week is ending, I think we are easing into our routine once again. Preschool started back on Monday and Ross was so excited to go back, on Wednesday he was chosen to be Line Leader. Tomorrow is all about the topic Hot Chocolate, so he is excited about tomorrow. Ross started back swimming lessons today, he is in a new class (he was able to move up to the next level) and when I asked if he had a good time he instantly said "Yes!" "They threw me in the water"  I said "Really?" and Ross said "Yeah, we swim the whole time!" This class is 15 minutes longer than his previous class so I was impressed they were in the water the entire time. It is so good to see him so excited about something new and so ready to jump in and enjoy it. 
Jax hangs out with me while Ross is at all his classes and we do things around the house, play or run errands. It is "our time".
I am trying to get into my routine of cleaning and chores around here. I took a cleaning vacation during Christmas holidays and did only what was necessary to maintain the area. So now I am needing to do some catching up. I started to do that today, thinking in my mind that I could knock about half of the cleaning out today.....well it took me an hour and a half to dust the boys rooms, living room, my office and the dining room, yep it took me that long. The boys were not cooperating with me and they won. So that is all I got done today oh I did get a few loads of laundry done. Yay!!
Well back to routine.......

Monday, January 4, 2010

Queen's Soup

This is the last jar of Queen's (Jim's grandmother) soup, Jim made homemade soup last week with it and it was sooooo goooood!!! I felt like we had to savor every last drop knowing it would be our last taste of her soup. The boys enjoyed it too! I hope that this summer I can make this same mixture (or close too it) and can it for us to have in the winter months. I know that it will not come out tasting like hers but I hope to at least use all the same vegetables. So I guess in 2010 I hope to learn to can vegetables.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

Happy 2010!!
That sounds a little strange to me... Well it is here. Hope everyone had a safe New Year! We just hung around the house and painted a little bit last night and stopped just in time to see the ball drop at Time Square in NY, watched a little tv and headed to bed. This morning I made waffles and the boys and I hung out while Jim enjoyed his last evening hunting. This evening I am going to try to get some scrapbooking started, I am going to catch up this year!!