Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our Night Out

Friday night Jim and I went out ALONE! Wow, it has been a while since we were able have a mini gettaway from our everyday lives. We had so much fun!! I dropped the kids off with the grandparents, each set of grandparents had one child, and borrowed shoes and a couple sweaters from my sis. Drove back home, changed into my outfit, put some items together in a bag for overnight and off we went to Charlotte. We checked into the Hilton and went to our room on the 19th floor. Looking out the window was the Nascar Then off to make our dinner reservation. We walked about a block to the resturant Jim chose for us...Chima. It is Brazilian and it is so cool!!  The atmosphere was great and with a comfortable setting it made it easy for conversation. They have an amazing drink called the Caipheraina (sp?) oh yeah it was really good!!! They have a great salad bar with great variety and any meat you want. On the table is a coin like piece that is black on one side and red on the other. If you want meat, turn to the red side. If you don't want any meat, turn to the black side. Lets say if you want salmon and the guy with the lamb comes to your table and you tell him you want salmon, they tell the guy with the salmon and he comes right over. Those employees have their acts together!! Oh and if you want something specific they cook it for you and bring it out to you. This place is soooo awesome.
After a wonderful dinning experience we went around the block to Howl At The Moon. Customers request the songs and they are played by the "band". Two people on the piano and three more that each play guitar, drums, and keyboard. Let me tell you...they are amazing, they can play and sing anything!!!We thought that we may be one of the "old couples" in the room but ya know we weren't. All ages were there, well anyone over 21 that is. After being there for a while, listening to great music and many drinks later we headed back to the hotel. Oh yeah we got back to the hotel around 2 am.  NICE!!
We had a great time and I have the best husband in the world for arranging this for our anniversary. It is so hard to find time to get away and just have fun together but I honestly believe that it is essential for our sanity and our marriage. Every couple needs to spend time away from their everyday lives just to reconnect and remember what it is like to be with each other and to have a conversation without being interrupted. I have found out that I learn more about Jim, in conversation and actions, each time we get away.  That is another reason to get away every now and then, even if it is only for one night.
Thanks babe!! Love you!!

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