Thursday, January 28, 2010


Now I am.....
Listening to Jax scream/cry wanting out of his crib and protesting a much needed nap.
Wondering if it is going to snow?!
Waiting for the doctors office to call me about my sore throat & if they will call me something in.
Aggrevated that Custer did not pee when I took him out a little while ago & I will have to take him out a second time before I leave.
Making a list of what we need today/tomorrow from the grocery store in case it does snow.
Wondering if it will really snow 2-6 inches like they said on the radio on the way home.
Wondering why I did not hear that forecast while I was in Locust so I could have stopped at the store there instead of making a trip when I go out to take Ross to swimming lessons. (Grocery store + 2 kids = trouble ....At least sometimes it does, ok it is just easier with one child).
Excited Jax might get to experience snow for the first time.
Wanting to get caught up on my house cleaning tomorrow.
Thinking about putting homemade veg. soup in the crock pot tomorrow for dinner, yum!!
Getting ready to take our recycling to the recycling trash dump.
Listening to the quiet of the house, Jax asleep and now I will take Custer out again and hope he will go instead of giving me his famous "look".

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