Monday, March 15, 2010

Cute Boys

The other day Jax received a "music box" from Daddy. As you can see they are just alike except for a small color difference. Jax' has an orange volume control & speakers and Ross' has a purple volume control and black speakers. Anyway, the music has followed us everywhere, even in the car. And to make things even more exciting, they both have the same songs on them (of course). Jim uploaded everything from children's songs to Kenny Chesney. Ross has had his a while so for Jax to get one like big brother really made his day.

One thing I have to share.
This morning when Jax woke up his words were:
"Mommy, I'm in here"
"Come get me out" (he is still in his crib)
"Take sleep sack off"

This went on for a few minutes while I finished up what I was doing and getting Ross ready for preschool & breakfast. It was so cute and funny, it made me smile.

Boys are cute & funny! Love them tons!!
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