Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lemonade Stand

To keep the boys occupied during our community yard sale(see that concrete mold, boxes and huge ugly suitcase!), we suggested a lemonade stand. The boys loved the idea!

Then we had to decide how to set up this lovely stand and what color combo would be.

Pallets were used to make the stand, a large one on top and two smaller pallets used for the legs of the stand. I spray painted the outside of the legs black and left the top pallet its natural color. For the banner, I used yellow scrapbook card stock and cut into triangles then strung twine through the eyelets, I punched in using my Crop-A-Dile, in each corner of the triangle. Then used my Cricut to cut out the letters and then glued onto the triangles.

There were a few old jars hanging around so I painted a small rectangle on each using chalkboard paint, wrapped twine around the top of each jar and used one as the money jar and the other as a vase.

Since I was painting with chalkboard paint, I thought why not make another sign? So I found a piece of particleboard that had a smooth covering and painted it. Then my awesome husband cut the frame for me and glued it to the chalkboard, then I was able to paint it red. I think I love this piece the most! It now sits in my craft area and I just love looking at it!

I did give the boys plastic pitchers for the lemonade instead of glass because the concrete would be bad news for my glass pitchers and honestly, it would have been to heavy for those little hands anyway. Sometimes you just have to use common sense instead of worrying about how you want things to look!

The boys had a great time and were sold proud that they sold all their lemonade, except for what they drank, it was a hot day after all! So what did they get themselves with their hard earned money, you ask? Lego's of course!