Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Love It!!

I used my food processor that my parents gave us for Christmas last night for the first time. I have to tell you that I LOVE IT!! Wow!! I have been missing out! This equipment is wonderful, easy and makes yummy chicken salad! I cannot wait to try other recipes. I am hoping to make almond pancakes soon it my new processor. Anyway I use alot of appliances in my kitchen and more here lately than ever before. I love my blender as well, every day (or sometime during the day) I make a fruit smoothie and add some "Green Powder" to it. (The green powder is full of minerals, greens, vitamins, good stuff you need) and boy I can tell a difference when I miss my daily smoothie. After all, I need all the energy I need to keep up with 2 little boys!

Since we are talking about kitchen items, this weekend, I tried two new recipes and LOVE them!! Once is a salad and the other is a soup. The salad is full of fruit and I am not one to mix fruit with veggies but I gotta tell ya, it is my new favorite salad. It would be tough to go back to the old plain salad. And the soup is great, lots of veggies and yummy!!

Oh, today is National Pancake Day, I think we will be having pancakes tonight to celebrate this occasion. The boys will love it!!
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