Thursday, January 7, 2010

Getting Back Into Our Routine

As the week is ending, I think we are easing into our routine once again. Preschool started back on Monday and Ross was so excited to go back, on Wednesday he was chosen to be Line Leader. Tomorrow is all about the topic Hot Chocolate, so he is excited about tomorrow. Ross started back swimming lessons today, he is in a new class (he was able to move up to the next level) and when I asked if he had a good time he instantly said "Yes!" "They threw me in the water"  I said "Really?" and Ross said "Yeah, we swim the whole time!" This class is 15 minutes longer than his previous class so I was impressed they were in the water the entire time. It is so good to see him so excited about something new and so ready to jump in and enjoy it. 
Jax hangs out with me while Ross is at all his classes and we do things around the house, play or run errands. It is "our time".
I am trying to get into my routine of cleaning and chores around here. I took a cleaning vacation during Christmas holidays and did only what was necessary to maintain the area. So now I am needing to do some catching up. I started to do that today, thinking in my mind that I could knock about half of the cleaning out today.....well it took me an hour and a half to dust the boys rooms, living room, my office and the dining room, yep it took me that long. The boys were not cooperating with me and they won. So that is all I got done today oh I did get a few loads of laundry done. Yay!!
Well back to routine.......

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