Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just Had to Share

Ok, so this is something that would probably only happen to me, so I thought I would share it with you. I was bitten by a yellow male cat at the Humane Society on Saturday. Yep, this is one of the two puncture wounds. We went to pick out a cat to add to our family b/c the one cat that Jim and Ross decided on was not declawed and that was a must for us. So we went back this past weekend and were wondering about one cat, she had major attitude and the "cat lady" (that is what Ross called her!!! Hilarious!!) suggested this other male, yellow cat. He was big and the cat lady said that he was your "lap cat".

Well ok. Think a minute, if you were told this cat was a lap cat you are thinking loving, sweet. Well he seemed sweet, each time he came out to greet me and pushing his head forward for me to touch him. Well I did, only this time there was another male cat standing near by who he had just hissed/slapped at. Well I put my had out and waited for him to put his head toward me and he did then all of a sudden, he bit me! Oh yeah, he latched on for a while, I thought for a split second, how am I going to get my hand out of his mouth? Then he let go, I was left with the wound you see above and another one on the back of my hand. The one you see is worse. Immediately afterward I looked at my hand, I could see deep into my hand, I began to get light headed.....
" Oh my god!!" I said
"I am going to pass out" I said
"Look!" I said showing my hand to Jim
"Calm down " said Jim
Yeah, Yeah, easy for you to say, you were not just bitten by a cat!!
I went to wash my hand it finally began to bleed alot! and my hand began to shake, I was a nervous mess!
Anyway, we left w/o a cat. The boys were not listening to us and me being bitten, just not a fun time, nor the right time for us to add to our family. Just glad that the cat bit me and not one of the boys.

My lesson learned: you never know what is going through a cat's mind, keep your hands away from a cat you don't know PERIOD!! I have told the boys never touch a strange animal and what did I do??? I need to follow my own rules!!
Oh and so our best bet is to start with a kitten, one we can train and one that will be familiar with us early on, you never know what other cats have been through before you.
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