Saturday, January 16, 2010

Little Man

Our little boy now looks like a little man. Jax had his first haircut today. Jim did the honors. Jax instantly went from toddler to little boy, I cannot believe it!! He sat on the stool with me holding him still, or trying to while Jim cut his hair. To keep Jax from wiggling too much we gave him a phone that we thought did not work but instead we later relized that it does work so we may see some strange numbers on our phone bill next month. We had tears in our eyes when we looked at him after his cut. He is growing up so fast. I miss the baby stage, holding and looking at him for long periods of time without him twisting and moving to get out of my arms. But those days have been replaced with him coming to me to give me hugs and kisses, one kiss and then one on the "other side".  I love his kisses, so sweet, some slow and others fast but always so soft.
His personality is showing more and more everyday and he has such sweet and funny looks. Today he even said he had to go to the bathroom! So we did, nothing happened but hey, at least he wants to go and try!!

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