Monday, March 18, 2013

DIY Lined Curtain Panels

Hello everyone! Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend!

This is one post that has been put off for way to long. The reason being....I needed my new camera to take photos of the project so you could actually see it! You see, my old camera took horrible photos of the curtain panels, you could not even tell what you were looking at in the photos! OK so here we go!

I had help on this one, I mean lets be real, I am trying to teach myself the basics again so I found this great tutorial from Our Lake Life.  Maria did a great job explaining the whole process and honestly the tutorial was so helpful that I actually felt confident that I could this!! And I did!

So I went to Michaels and got the fabric I needed and also picked up 2 twin sheets in white that I used for the liners.

I followed Maria's tutorial. This is photo was taken while ironing the edges before sewing.

The only thing I did differently is added stripes, I was trying to mimic the Pottery Barn panels that I love but refused to pay that price tag when I knew that there had to be a cheaper way to go to still get the look I wanted. I measured to make sure that my stripes would be evenly spaced then sewed the green stripe directly to the blue panel before sewing the liner to the back. Below is a photo of one of the panels with the green striped pined just before I sewed them into place. Let me tell you, this material was a pain when it came to getting all the wrinkles out, I have never ironed one item so many times in my life!! (and yes, I had already ironed multiple times when this photo was taken!)

After I sewed the stripes and followed the tutorial to the end, I ironed AGAIN and AGAIN ok you get the picture. Then I hung them up, proudly I must say!
 After looking at these for several months I wished I had picked a different color combination, because the blue panels blend with the blue walls, but for now I like it. It took me about a week, off and on, to get them complete but happy for my first big sewing project!
The wall art above the bed can be found here.
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  1. Those are so awesome!!! I know Ross loves them!