Monday, January 14, 2013

DIY Window Picture Frame

Is that not a beauty? This is one DIY project that my handsome husband came up with, it was his idea, and I have to admit, he did a fabulous job. Don't you agree?!

We found the frame a while back and it had been sitting around so my husband got to work on it, it was going to be a Christmas gift for my in-laws.

He removed the glass from the window first then got busy preparing to paint the frame by first using Kilz to prime the frame. This was important to seal in the paint that was already on the frame, I assume it was lead paint, I think that window is older than we are! Then he picked out and purchased the crackle primer and paint at Lowe's and painted per the directions on the label.

After it was dry we took photos of ourselves. I took a photo of my husband and he took photos of the rest of our family. (I think he takes good photos too!!) And then printed them out at our local Walgreen's.  (8 x 10 size).

Then cleaned the window glass with dish detergent and removing paint with a razor blade, dried, then cleaned with glass cleaner, my fave...Invisible Glass! That stuff works so well!! Love it!

I then cut out the mattes to frame the photos using scrapbook cardstock, I just made sure that they were the same size according to our like then cut all four of the mattes.

My husband then put the glass back into the window, adds the photo matte and photo to each section, adds picture hanging hardware to the back and felt circles to the back to protect the wall while hanging.  I was so happy how it turned out that I forgot to take a photo up close, but I did get my in-laws to hold it up for me before they took it home!

I must say it turned out so well!! I love it and secretly wished we had it in our home, I do have the perfect spot in mind for it!! So we are on the look out for another frame so we can do it again and put one in our home.

Lets have one more look, shall we?

Wow! I just love it!!

Have you ever tried this before?

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  1. Wow that is so cute! I love it!

    1. Thank you so much! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing your post! I personally love any type of DIY craft/gift idea, but particularly photo frames because you can do so much with them. I love having pictures and I love giving picture frames as gifts. I usually buy discounted picture frames and then personalize them myself by painting them and adding gems.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Thank you for the link, I will check that out. Great idea to personalize the frames! You are right, you can do alot with frames and I cannot wait to get started on one for myself!