Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DIY Framed Monogram

I have seen many versions of these on Pinterest and thought they were just so cute! So here is what I came up with using items that I already had here at home.

I had a 5x7 frame that I had in a drawer because I was not fond of the color of the frame and just had no place for it anyone. I had bought Martha Stewart High Gloss Acrylic Craft Paint in Beetle Black and painted the frame and let it dry overnight, one coat was all it took. So while enjoying my morning coffee I completed this in no time flat!
I gathered a piece of burlap and stapled it around the cardboard backing of the frame and then placed it in the frame (without the glass in place). The back of my frame looked like this....

I started to trim off the excess burlap but it began to unravel and I was scared that if I cut it too close it would unravel to the other side. I hated the back looks like this but it will be facing the wall or be hidden anyway so I am ok with it.

So then I added the monogram, it is one I picked up at Hobby Lobby a year ago and knew it was time to do something with it! I adhered the monogram with double sided sponge tape, its thin and holds well so I found it to work well with this.

The reason I chose to use staples & tape to attached the burlap and monogram is because this way I can take it all apart and reuse the items for something else if I want. Unless, I really love something, it will not hang around very long before I toss it out or make it into something else. I guess I have commitment issues with material things.
This was a quick little item to make that can be easily changed out, I was thinking for Easter that I may just remove the "P" and add a bunny silhouette or  at the end of the school year a graduation cap (since our little one will be graduating preschool). So many options!