Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Pillow Covers

We had been given some furniture by our family members when they updated their space. The couch is red and the large comfy chair is white with a small blue strip pattern. The pillows that were on the couch looked like this

The pillows are still in perfect condition so I thought I would just make a new pillow cover to change the look of the pillow. I went to my local Hobby Lobby and found a cute fabric, it is more feminine than I wanted originally but I thought it would go with colors we had in that area of our home.

I found this website and I knew instantly that there was a chance that I could accomplish this task! I am so glad that I came across this site because I already know that I will use their tutorials for other items later. To be honest, after getting this done, I cannot wait to start on another sewing project! Which gives me another reason to look for more cute fabric! Ok, back to the pillow....I followed the tutorial, I did not use binding or zippers for my pillow cover.

Here is how the first one turned out....

Cute isn't it?! To be honest, I was so dang excited after I put the pillow in the cover and that it fit and that it still looked like a pillow!

Then I finished the other one....

They look cute on the couch with two other pillows we picked up at Ikea. Although, I am not sure if I will leave them there or move them somewhere else in the house, but at least that is one more task completed off my list!

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