Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Little Gratitude

Gratitude: the state of being grateful: thankfulness.

November always reminds me to focus on the positives, the things in my life that make it worth living.

Sometimes as we all move along our days we tend to move our focus away from the good things. We worry, which is total human nature but sometimes that can bring us down to the point where we are in a constant state of panic or in a state of constant competition. We allow ourselves be compared to our friends, co-workers, etc.

When we focus on what others have and what we don't or they are better than us or they have this or that and it is more than me....You get the idea. We loose sight of what matters, what makes us feel good and we also loose sight of what we have accomplished. You cannot compare yourself to anyone else. That isn't fair to you.

During the year when I began to worry about things, big or small, I try to see the things and people around me that matter the most and focus on those things. This is very difficult at times I assure you, but when I try to see the good it does improve my mood.


This weekend was super busy and flew by so fast. Before I knew it it was Sunday evening and all I wanted to do was stop time, I dreaded to see Monday roll around.

Then I turned my attention to the great weekend we just had. Lots of family time, enjoying the small moments, our oldest spent time with Grandparents & hunted & those memories will last him a lifetime. The youngest got to spend time with us and got lots of Daddy play time which he loved and learned alot about the insides of a truck, that too will stick with him for years to come. Snuggles, movie time, and attention is what happened this weekend. Golf & shopping as well and there again more memories made for our children.

When eating out yesterday at Olive Garden the waiter was fantastic. My in-laws and my husband made the comment that was the best waiter they had ever seen and I had to agree with them. When the bill arrived this small card was inside:

That was awesome. Just to take the time to write a note says alot about a person. He was busy I am sure, and I know he had more on his mind than us but he still took the time to let us know that he appreciated us being there. Now, this may be a new thing that Olive Garden has started or it may just be something our waiter did, who knows, but it adds that special touch that I think shows gratitude toward others.

So as November is here, lets try to see the good in ourselves, each other and to remember the things/people in our lives that make it so great!


  1. what a sweet thing for your server to do, a little gratitude sure goes a long way

  2. I agree! Thanks for stopping by!