Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wine Wednesday

Rex Goliath Merlot

 This Rex Goliath wine is a good buy for the money, we have tasted a few by this company and they all have a good taste.

We purchase this wine at Target and I have also seen it at our local Harris Teeter.

The wine has a good flavor combination; plum, cherry and berry.  You can read the full description if you click the link above. It pairs well with many meals, for us, it was pizza and any red meat and don't forget it is always good alone or with good cheese.

It's funny, just this week, a friend of mine Melissa (Hi Melissa!) and I were talking about how we drink wine and snack on cheese and crackers while making dinner. Does anyone else do this? I was glad to hear that I was not the only one :)

Hope you guys have a great Wednesday!

Sorry the post is crazy and messed up but I cannot figure out to fix it!! :)


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