Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Thanksgiving & Thanksgiving Weekend

This Thanksgiving was good, we ate too much of course! We started out at Nana & Papa's house for lunch and visited with them for the afternoon. Jim and his Dad then went hunting and the boys and I went to my parents for dinner. After Jim finished hunting we then ate dinner. It was a good day filled with great food and wonderful family. We are truly blessed. But the weirdest thing, Jim said when he was coming in from hunting it was lightening outside! In November??? but yep it was and then it began to rain...hard!

Saturday we attended the Christmas Parade in Locust. It was so good and the boys had a great time, they loved the police cars, fire trucks, and of course Jax liked the tractors. Ross picked up lots of candy and we even had cookies from the Fresh House! I was surprised the loud sirens did not scare Jax, he did not mind one bit!

Sunday we hung Christmas lights outside on our small bushes and we decorated out mailbox too. Ross enjoyed helping and he suggested that we have at least one twinkle light, so the small maple has twinkle lights on it.

I cannot believe it will be December tomorrow. Am excited about the month ahead and all the fun things to do with the kids. I have also almost completed my December Daily album, so I can put together all the things we do and a picture from each day into the album so the kids will have an idea of what we did during the month later down the road. Nice keepsake.

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