Friday, September 21, 2012

Halloween Wreath

Yeah, I know that Halloween is still over a month away, but I just wanted to get everything ready so when Oct. 1st arrived, all I had to do was take my fall wreath down and replace it with this one.

To make my wreath, I began by recycling this grapevine wreath, I just removed all the flowers, twigs, etc. and since the grapevine wreath was still in good shape, I decided to use it again this year as the base for my Halloween wreath. I spray painted the wreath with gloss black spray paint (love it!).

After the wreath was dry, I gathered a few items, paint, plastic Halloween goodies and black duck tape.

Here is a close up of the paint I used, Martha Stewart glitter craft paint from Michaels (love that stuff!) and orange acrylic paint I picked up at Wal-Mart a while back.

I painted several spiders, a bat and a skeleton and left to dry.

For the "Boo To You" I used Hemp Cord from Wal-Mart as the string to hold the banner together and made the flags out of the black duck tape. I folded the tape over the cord and cut a V into the bottom of the flag. I used my Cricut to cut the letters, then glued the letters onto the duck tape and tied the banner onto my wreath.

I knew that my wreath still needed a little something, so I used more of the Hemp Cord, this time in white and made a spider web. I cut the cord into lengths that I wanted and placed them into the shape of a spider web on top of wax paper, then used a paint brush and painted regular school glue on the cord to hold the web shape together. After it dried I peeled it off the wax paper and hot glued it onto my wreath.

After placing the web on the wreath I filled in spaces with the painted Halloween spiders and bats.

 The completed project:
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  1. Love your spooky Halloween wreath! Clever way to add in the spider web.

  2. This is great! I love a great wreath for Halloween. I hope you will add it to my Wickedly Creative Halloween Ideas Party!

  3. cute wreath! I'd love for you to share this and any other crafts at my new linky party, Submarine Sunday. I hope you'll stop by!