Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Growing Boys

I cannot believe how fast time flies. Jax has used the "toilet" as he calls it twice last week. And tried once yesterday but just sat and enjoyed himself being like big brother. Jax says "Hold you" instead of "hold me" and "wub yu" instead of "love you". I have really notices how all of a sudden Jax is looking older to me like he grew over night. What is the deal....just like that and Ross is the same way, he is so tall all of a sudden. And Ross is very outspoken and more here lately, but he is very headstrong so it is to be expected, right?

I am so ready to put up Christmas decorations, maybe I can talk Jim into putting them up next weekend. That will give me some time to get the windows cleaned (which I have been putting off, well more like just have not found the time to get it done). So if I tell myself, "After I get the windows cleaned then we can put the decorations" then maybe I will force myself to do it instead of doing other daily chores or checking my email. Oh well, we shall see....

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