Monday, December 2, 2013

A Search for the Perfect Tree

While this weekend was filled with family and way too much food, we decided a few weeks ago that this year we were going to pick out our very own Christmas tree.
Yes, there are more than a few local places to purchase a tree, but why do that when you can drive to the mountains and pick out your own??!

The Christmas tree farm we visited was just outside of Boone, NC. We arrived shortly after lunch so we drove on into Boone for lunch at Our Daily Bread. If you have never eaten at this restaurant, I suggest that you do so on your next trip to Boone. The last couple of times we visited Boone we have eaten here. So good, local food. This time we made sure to save room for dessert, carrot cake. So yummy!

After we filled up on a great lunch we headed to the Christmas tree farm. We were handed a stick to use as a guide to measure the height of our tree, once we found a tree, we swung our stick and the farm guys came up and cut our tree down and brought it to the bottom of the mountain  hill for us, then wrapped it and helped load it on our vehicle.

The view from the mountain was so beautiful. We picked out a 9ft. tree, then headed back down the hill to carry it home.

On the way home the sun was setting behind the mountains again such a gorgeous sight.

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