Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Dining Room Table


Our Dining Room is visible from several rooms in our home. For this reason, I chose to carry the same color scheme throughout my home. My color scheme this year...same as last year...red, green, and gold with a little burlap thrown in for a little texture ;).

I always put a tablecloth over our dining table during the Christmas holiday. We have lots of family over and with 2 small kids I prefer to protect our table with a tablecloth. We never eat in this room unless it is at Christmas. Terrible, I know, this is just one room that doesn't get alot of action. I continued with my burlap table runner. At first I debated, put in on the table, then took it off....I decided to put it back on since I have burlap accents in our family room I thought why not carry that on into the dining room.

Then I added the center piece. I took a lantern added a red candle, greenery, pine cones, berries and a few twigs and viola!

Oh, I added a few red balls too....

And a few red balls with sparkle...

Don't you just love Christmas!?

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