Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wanna Drive To Asheville For Some Lobster Mac & Cheese?

Several weekends ago, the husband and I had a weekend to ourselves. The boys were spending time with their grandparents. 
After not really planning anything special other than maybe a motorcycle ride we were at that point like....

 "What do you want to do?"
"I don't know, what do you want to do?"

You know you can always think of a million things to do when you can't do them! This was one of those moments.

Well, then my husband says "Let's drive to Asheville and have some of that good lobster mac & cheese."

I was like "Really, drive to Asheville for dinner?"

He was like "Why not?"

So after about 15 minutes of me thinking and checking the Internet for other options and him waiting for me to make a decision along with a few comments about how I have lost my spontinaeity............

Well during this 15 minutes of thinking, I began to think about this post and how I should take more risks and have more fun, so I thought to myself, why not? So the husband booked a hotel for the night and we packed a few items and left within 30 minutes. During this time all I could think about was that I was going to forget something but then I also knew that if I did, it would not be a big deal.

While gathering our items and on our way to Asheville we discussed places we wanted to visit while there, one place I wanted to visit was Finders Keepers of NC so we decided to stay at a hotel in Hendersonville so the next morning we would check out this store first then head to Asheville.

We got to Hendersonville late, very late. So trying to find a place to eat at 11pm was a little of a challenge. I was driving and we have never been to this town so we did not know where anything was located and we were just looking for what was open. After going down a one way street, the WRONG way, we found a Sonic. The after eating we went to the hotel. Guess what? they gave us a smoking room. Let me be was horrible, that smell slapped you in the face the second you opened that door. There was no way that we were going to stay in that room! So back down to the desk we went, after some discussion we were given another room. A nicer ,larger room. The next morning after breakfast we headed to the Finders Keepers of NC, which by the way is only open like twice a year. So make sure you check the dates before you go.

So we headed up the road to Asheville. Love Asheville, could live there, I think. Minus the snow and cold winters.

Anyway, downtown Asheville is awesome, so many people walking, shops, and good food!

Our first stop was at a small cafe, Old Europe Cafe on Broadway Ave. for coffee, tea and pastries.

Then off to visit all the shops, saw lots of interesting, useful, fun and vintage items. Some items were priced really high and some were reasonable depending on where you went.

During our time there it began to rain, yep, walking the streets without an umbrella and a chill in the air makes for a little uncomfortable time but honestly, we did not mind one bit. My husband had on an Under Armour sweatshirt that was waterproof so he stayed nice and dry.  Many shops/stores were out of umbrellas (imagine that) but my husband did find one for me. (Please excuse the wet look).

It was either a frog, ladybug or fish. We agreed the frog would be best, once we were home I passed that umbrella on to our youngest. He had been wanting one for a long time like his older brother.  At this point it was nice to have an unbrella the rain continued for the rest of the day.

We picked up a bottle of wine at Dolce Vita on Wall Street, which will be featured on my blog soon under Wine & Dine Wednesday! So stay tuned!

Then we ate at the Early Girl Eatery. This place is so yummy! Everytime we go to Asheville, this is a must! This time my husband had the BBQ Pork Sandwich & I had the Vegan Bean Burger. Both were really good. I must say that this Vegan Burger is the Best!!

After eating we decided to check out a few flea market type stores. The first few had a few cute items but mostly overpriced (in my opinion). Here are two items that we came across that I really liked.

I thought this was cool, since seeing this I have seen a similar one online on Pinterest. This would be cool in a child's room or playroom.

I liked the horse photo and the letter A (of course!). You could easily replicate this if you wanted.

Then after a long and adventurous day, we headed home and enjoyed sleeping in the next morning. It is amazing how long you can sleep in without kids in the house.

Even though we didn't get our Lobster Mac & Cheese, the trip was still worth it. A spontaneous trip alone with my man, oh yeah! it was worth it!!

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