Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wine & Dine Wednesday

Today I was thinking that I would share a few random wine related items with you. Since stocking up on wine, I have not really been drinking it. I finished up the Bitch wine and I have not yet opened another bottle. But I have my eye on one bottle I know I will be testing out first!

These items I came across a while ago and thought they were worth sharing. Anyway, on to wine related items:

bicycle wine rack
Bicycle Wine Rack
This is so cute and if you live in the city and a bicycle is your form of transportation, I would say this is a must. This assures safe arrival of your gift to the party or hostess.

 HOOTCH-OWL™ corkscrew
Hootch-Owl Corkscrew
Owls are all the rage these days, plus I think this is so cute! I added this to my "want" list.

personalized wine cellar sign
Personalized Wine Cellar Sign
I love this! I know exactly where this would go in my kitchen! It is pricey,  maybe this will go on my "one day" purchase list...

This cute bicycle wine bottle holder was given to us years ago by my in-laws. I love this, seeing it out on the counter just makes me smile, I love having little things like that around our home.

Hope you guys have a wonderful Wednesday!
I will leave with this....

"Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance." -Ben Franklin

So true Ben Franklin, so true!

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