Monday, July 22, 2013

The Impact of Photography

I recently subscribed to a new magazine, The Atlantic. Usually I choose magazines that focus on fashion, home design/decor or celebrity gossip. I thought that it was time I expanded my horizons a little. So far I have only received 2 months worth and I must say it has done just that, expanded my thoughts and made me curious about a a few things.

One article this month was about photography, the article was more about how the media handles photographs and how graphic the photos can sometimes be in the media and how that differs across the world.

That got me thinking about how photography plays a roll in our everyday lives.  How weird it would be if we never got to have a single photo on our walls in our homes, never a way to look back on a memory except for what moment in time we have locked in our minds. I cannot imagine a world like that and I am so glad that I don't have to.

In my life, photography is a priority. I do take 99% of the photos in our home and  at family events. I want our children to remember their lives as children when they are older. But not just happy moments, sad moments and everyday moments. Moments that involve their Mom and Dad too. I enjoy taking pictures and hope one day our children will be glad that I did take them. I know that some of the pictures that I take and some documentation that I make, I would have loved it my parents did that for me. I know for sure that our children's lives will change so much when they have children and I want them to have scrapbooks to look back on and be able to show their children someday.

No, I am not a professional photographer, in fact some of my photos are blurry, and not worthy of even putting in a scrapbook and that is ok with me. Some are great photos but they all tell a great story!

Sometimes when I look at photos, there is so much more when you look closely. Every photo has a story behind it. A story waiting to be told or one that has already been told.


This one reminds me of a little one learning to help others, doing his part and learning that in this family we all pitch in to help. No matter how small the task.

This says, little boys on the go, eager and always ahead of the game, ready for the next adventure. Happy days with no worries.

This is one that did not turn out as planned, it was a very humid morning and when your camera has been in the cool AC of your home this is what happens. But I still added it to our albums, this is a very important day!  No to mention the big deal about his new shoes, he had to have green on them! Another thing that I won't forget about that day.

Moments are important but also are the everyday...It has become a joke between my husband and myself, my husband makes the bed then arranges the pillows however he pleases, obviously not the "correct" way, so I always have to go behind him and fix it. *He knows the correct way now, but still likes to mess around!

Yes, I photograph the TV sometimes. we don't subscribe to any form of newspaper so besides the Internet and news I have no way to document the happenings of the world unless I go out a purchase a magazine or newspaper, so I sometimes take photos of our TV or print articles off the Internet and add to the scrapbooks. This is a photo of Hurricane Sandy.

Little ones in their boots, they love camo and our youngest wears these boots all. year. long. When he outgrows them, he gets a new pair. In the summer, he is in shorts with these boots on!

This proves that I try to run and keep on track, a reminder to keep going and even if I cannot do it everyday, running is still something I enjoy and I gotta keep it up. It is sometimes tough to fit exercise in everyday, but looking at this photo even now makes me wanna run!

This tells the story of a little man who is always up to something and you better watch what you leave lying around because you never know where you might find it!

What types of photos to do you take? Do you keep a family scrapbook?

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