Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Painted/Stained Desk

Remember this desk from a post a while back? A cute find! The perfect size for our little one.
As you can see, it was red and need a little bit of TLC.

So my handy, handsome husband removed the top, he had the fantastic idea of removing the top and replacing it with wood we could stain to the shade of our choice. The top was a mess.

After my husband removed the top, I sanded the desk and began to paint. I had to paint about 4 coats of paint to get the dark color that I wanted. My original plan was to use spray paint but I knew that it would take alot of cans so I bought a quart of paint instead. I thought the color was going to be darker but overall the color has grown on me.

I bought a piece of stain grade wood at our local hardware store and they cut it to the size I needed, my husband stained the wood, added a coat of polyurethane and he put the top on the desk and we were finished!

The knobs on the drawers are not my first choice and I will be on the look out for what I have in mind, but until then, these work just fine. The chair was purchased at a local antique shop, it is an old school wooded chair that was spray painted gloss black. (I love gloss black!)

Here is a look at the top of the desk, it turned out so well!

I like how the desk looks with the contrasting top and our little one loves his new desk!

One more look, shall we?

Painting furniture is one way to instantly change the way your piece looks and it is so simple! We have painted several pieces in our home, but my first color choice is always, gloss black! So you can say that I am changing things up a bit and trying a little color!

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