Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fall Mantle

Since the fall decor will be coming down very shortly, I just thought that maybe I should share it with you guys.  Yes, I know it is not even Thanksgiving, but I cannot help it! I love Christmas and the only reason I have not decorated my house by now is the fact that I am determined to clean the windows and blinds in our home first! So you can imagine what the next two days for me will be like. Would anyone like to help? I didn't think so....

Anyway, the mantle
 The ball of flowers on the candlestick, I made last year, just hot glued some fall flowers to a styrofoam ball.
Sorry about the bright sunshine, it was a really bright day, and I dislike my camera, but the one I have now at least takes photos.....I am hoping Santa has been listening to all my talk about wanting a new camera...;)  Well, where was I,  the berries will stay and goes well with my Christmas decor, which I love. It is so nice to have items in your home that you can use for many seasons, don't you think?
Now I just gotta get those darn windows cleaned but the motivation is there so I better get on it!

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