Monday, October 29, 2012

Pencil Holders

Since I have been trying to change the decor in our boys' rooms, I wanted to add a new pencil holder to each desk. The boys love to draw and write so I new this was a must for their rooms.

For each pencil holder I used an old small Similac formula can. Keep in mind that it has been about 5 years since I needed to use formula so I am not sure if the company still uses cans or if they have gone to plastic containers. Anyway, I kept a few in a craft container for a future project and now I have gotten around to putting them to good use!

For the first pencil holder I used an old pair of blue jeans and the Similac can.

I began by inserting the can into the bottom of the leg of the jeans and pushed the can all the way up into the leg and then cut across the leg of the jeans. (I cut a little extra more than what covered the can just to make sure that I had enough to cover the can, I cut off the extra after the project was completed).

After the jeans are cut off, I had a little extra around and needed to cut down the back of the jeans and I hot glued the jeans to the can, so the seam (where I cut the jeans) would be at the back of the can. Here is what it looked like after I cut the blue jean material to fit and hot glued it on the can and trimmed the material at the top of the can.
At this point you could leave it like this but I wanted a little something extra, so I cut out the pocket on the back of the jeans.
Then I hot glued the pocket to the blue jean material on the can.
For the next pencil holder I used the same Similac can and sisal I bought from Lowes
Then I hot glued the sisal around the can until the can was covered in sisal rope, Be careful!! You could burn your fingers doing this! Trust me on this one! 
Here is the finished holder
So what holds your pencils?


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