Sunday, August 2, 2009


Today we went shopping at Southpark and then ate at my favorite pizza place..WOLFMANS!!! I love that place!! Then off to Target. The kids were so good and they had not even had a nap! And Ross is spending the night with Mama & Papa and Jax is in the bed early. Wierd..I get time when I am able to do stuff I normally would not be able to do, like scrapbook for a while or bake a dish have been wanting to try, but instead all I feel like doing is going to bed! Does that ever change? I hope I will stop being so tired. But, I guess what can I expect when little ones or in my case at this time, little one is keeping me up at night. 

I cannot believe Ross is going to be 4 years old in a few days! Time is flying! He is such a little man and so cute! I have got to post some pictures soon. Last time I tried we were having internet issues and the pictures would not load, but now the problem has been fixed so I will have to try again. 

Off to watch some mindless tv and snooze :)

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