Monday, August 17, 2009

Kids Say Funny Things

Here are a few funny conversations with our kids:

In the car and Kenny Chesney with Uncle Kracker is playing on the radio.

Ross asked "Mommy, who is that singing with Kenny?"

Mommy says "That is Uncle Kracker."

Ross said "Uncle Kracker that is a funny name!" Ross begins to laugh and Jax begins to laugh also

Jax while laughing says "Uncle Cookie!"  

In case you are not familiar with Jax, he loves cookies and every cracker is a cookie to him.

The next conversation was with Ross while Mommy was looking at pictures online. In the pictures there were toys and he noticed one that is just like a toy he has. 

Ross says "Hey! They have a toy like mine! Why do they have one like me?"

Mommy says " Well, Ross when they made those toys, they made more than one of them."

Ross says "That was so nice of them."

So cute!! :)

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