Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mountain Getaway

One little trip we wanted to take before school started was a trip to the mountains. With boys it is a must to go to a theme park with a train therefore, we decided on Tweetsie

And of course the train stopped for a little gun fight with a little humor involved.
They have lots of activities for kids of all ages.

The activities most enjoyed were: go carts, gem/gold mining, carnival rides and the chair lifts.
In the nearby town of Boone, NC you find lots of unique shops and antique stores and some great restaurants. The ones we tried were, The Dan'l Boone Inn and Our Daily Bread. Both are good. If you are looking for country cooking, family style, Dan'l Boone is the way you should go. If you prefer organic, fresh food, variety of beers and very good atmosphere Our Daily Bread is the way to go. Enjoyed both, however I liked Our Daily Bread better because I left feeling comfortable with myself and knowing I consumed a healthy meal. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Dan'l Boone too but when I left, I felt like I had eaten till I could not put another thing in my mouth and I had that feeling like my belly stuck out like a pregnant lady!

Riding in back roads of the country where we came upon this

Calming and not another person around, which gave us a little time to explore

Blowing Rock, NC also has charm that just makes you want to walk the streets and visit every store you pass. Great shops, antique stores, and great restaurants.

While riding the back roads we came across a country store and bought this
I am so excited to get this painted, it will be perfect for our little man. I will show you the finished product once we get it completed. I am off to get paint samples tomorrow, ready to get going on this one!

It was a good trip minus the whining, complaining and constant talking from our kids. But, I guess that all falls into the category of parenthood.

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