Thursday, January 3, 2013

Its An Obsession......

For Christmas, I gave my husband a Keurig. Enough said!

If you have one of these, you know exactly what I am talking about..........the coffee is amazing!  And for some reason, I nor my hubby can get enough! So many flavors, so much to choose from! Does anyone else have a stash like this?????? (please tell me you do..)
And keep in mind that we have already consumed approx. 3 boxes of K-cups since Christmas morning....each time I go out to the grocery store or anywhere really that carries K-cups, I pick up a new flavor to try. I think it is safe to say that it is an obsession....

Although, today after I added my most currently purchased box of K-cups, I began to wonder in a funny kind of way all the obsessions that I have and ones that occur in periods of my life and ones that stick around for good.

Some that occur in periods (couple of times a month or so) of my life are obsessions with food,  such as chocolate (my husband would disagree on this one, he thinks if it is chocolate and it is in our house, it will automatically be consumed by yours truly or be hidden away from everyone for keep for myself for my later enjoyment) and wine, oh yes wine, I do love it but I go in spurts, I drink everyday for a while then back off for a little while and then back on again. If it is a good bottle(s) you bet I'll be drinking every night!

Other obsessions that stick around are ones that involve being clean & organized. Clean and organized home = a happy me! Don't get me wrong, I am not perfect, but I try to keep on top of it most of the time.  And my car, but with black interior that is another challenge that is very difficult to keep on top of especially with 2 boys who love to put their feet all over every surface in the back seat! Another obsessions is nail polish, love having my toe nails painted ALL THE TIME! If it comes off, it immediately goes back on! And another one, hand sanitizer! I do not like germs and use it every time I get back into the car after being in a store, I use it on my kids & hubby too! Multiple bottles, gotta make sure I have one available whenever needed!

Wow! I guess you guys just learned a few things about me you never knew before! Please tell me you guys like Keurig as much as we do! :)

(I was not paid to write about Keurig, these are my opinions only!)

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