Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Loving Autumn

I love that the trees are beginning to change, the red and yellow colors are so beautiful. I am looking forward to the cold nights so we can turn on the gas logs and I can snuggle with my hubby. I love that the boys love to be outside, they enjoy the dirt, rocks, and sun. They sneeze everytime they walk out and look at the sun, so cute!! They also love to eat outside, grapes, tomatoes, apples you name it, they will eat it. They love animals, cats, dogs, cows, horses, donkeys and if they can, give them hugs and kisses.

Ross tells you what is on his mind. He starts out by saying, "Mommy, I need to tell you sumpin" He talked to Jesus while in the car: "Jesus, can you give the donkey some new teeth" He gets quiet for a moment then I hear him say "ok" Then he tells me "Mommy, Jesus said he will give the donkey new teeth in 5 weeks" I said that was good and Ross agreed. Then he asked "Jesus, can I please get a green tractor for Christmas?" Quiet moment then he says "ok".

Jax is very vocal as well, his vocabulary amazes me! He was crawling (driving) his toy car and was interfering with his Dad getting dressed and he said "Sorry Daddy" without any prompting. Today, he was pushing his bus around and I told him he needed to put it away and get ready for bedtime. He said "I need to get gas" he stops the bus and pretends to put the gas hose in the bus and says "shuuuu" then puts the gas hose away and drives his bus back to the parking spot in his closet. Jax is always concerned about Ross and always wants to know where he is. Now when he wakes up in the morning first thing out of his mouth..."Roooossss" ( I feel a little sad that he does not call me :) my little man is growing up) No, I am happy that they love each other and I hope that they grow up to be lifetime best friends.

I love our days right now, routine, and playing with the boys, I think I need to take more pictures!!

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