Monday, June 15, 2009

Time Out

I have just put Ross in "time out" and he still keeps asking me questions. Kids....I need a break....just some quiet time, alone time. 

On to better notes.....Ross started swimming lessons today and loves them, he can't wait to go back tomorrow! I am so happy that he loves his lessons. When I dropped him off this morning, I swear, his teacher is the same one I had when I took swimming lessons. That was really strange, I mean I did not ever think that a lady that taught me would be teaching my little one.  

Our driveway will be poured tomorrow!!!! Horray!! I am so happy about that. So maybe this weekend we will spend our first night there? Not sure but we will see!

I really need to get some pictures up on here!! But first I need to download them from my camera to my computer! 

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